Who We Are

High Valley Media Group is a media and marketing company that is a little bit unique in this market. In addition to creating content and media for companies, High Valley Media also owns, manages, and operates brands within the outdoor industry in both retail, and content creation. This is valuable to us because we have a living and breathing business in place where we have the ability to prove and test new methods in an ever changing media environment. With ever changing social media platforms, and constant new technology introduction, we feel that testing and proving methods is extremely important. That way we aren’t testing and trying new things with your business. You can see our brands HERE.

We specialize in providing our services to the outdoor industry, but have clients in many different industries; from medical research and recreation rentals, to podcasts, and hunting/fishing outfitters. So much of our work comes within the outdoor industry becuase we are passionate and knowledgable about hunting and fishing.  We specialize in hunting and fishing logo design, hunting and fishing web design, hunting and fishing graphic design, social media management, branding and more! However, regardless of your industry, we can help your business through creative design, proven marketing, and long term marketing and brand building strategies.

Let us use our experience, knowledge, and passion help you build your business! We provide excellent one on one customer service and quality work that you won’t find anywhere else.