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Apparel Design

As a design and marketing company guy that also runs a retail business, I challenge myself to do a lot of different things. One of my latest projects is apparel Design. This process started with logo design, pushed though website design stages, to apparel design, ordering, product photography and eventually online sales. Here are some of the hats, and shirts we have in progress at Altitude Outdoors.

Where is your Attention?

Branding and marketing is really just a competition for your customer’s attention. We live in a world that has a $0 entry fee, where we can join social media platforms for free, and build online platforms at no monetary cost. It’s creates a lot of opportunity, but also creates a lot of competition. In certain industries, especially hobby industries, there is a lot of noise, and people’s attention is getting pulled in thousands of directions. We no longer have to go to our room that has a TV in it to consume content and see advertisments. Our TV’s are our phones, and they are literally with us 24/7.

Standing Out:

So in a world full of so much noise, how can your brand stand out? How can you set yourself apart from everyone else so that you win the battle for your customer’s attention?

  • Consistency: The most important thing is consistency. Grinding it out every day. You have to be consistent and keep your momentum. If you lose your momentum, it is very easy to lose it again. So stick with it, if you do – you WILL see results. Make a plan, follow that plan, and change the plan if needed.
  • Be the Best: Now this can be tough when you’re going against giant brands with a lot of money and resources, however, as a small brand, you can do things that big companies just can’t. Your ability to pivot and execute quickly is much better. Use this as your advantage. You can be the best at something – whether it’s technical knowledge, entertainment, team building, or whatever it is — know what you’re the best in the world at, and be the best.
  • Be an Early Adopter: in today’s tech world, we see new social platforms coming out every day. A great way to gain traction in the social world is to be one of the first to adopt a new platform. The hard part is predicting which one will be the next facebook, or instagram. You can miss on this, but if you hit one big, it can be a game changer for your brand.
  • Long Term Perspective: Building a brand rarely happens overnight, even a lot of “viral” content isn’t someone’s first creation — rather it’s one creation that finally “hits.” This is where consistency and brand building come into play. Rarely does anything good happen overnight.
  • Know your Customer: Do you know your customer? We see different demographics in different platforms. Sometimes it’s a matter of trial and error, and it is much more effective to know your audience in each platform and deliver content to them. This means you’ll make different content for facebook than you will for your email marketing campaigns and instagram. Advertise to them, you need to steal their attention.
  • Presentation/Design: Content is more important than design. But how your content is presented is very important. This can make you stand out among your competitors and draw your future customer’s attention. Good design and presentation makes you seem more professional and credible.

If you’re looking to build your brand, we’re happy to help. Whether you need design, branding, or just want to shoot the breeze on strategies and ideas, always feel free to comment below, or shoot me an email. Good luck to building your brands this year!

What You Need for Your first Website!

Getting started online can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never owned a website before. If you are a business owner in today’s online world, a website is very necessary. It’s a great way to provide information to new, existing, and potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can show your clients and customers images, videos, and detailed information on the value and services that your business provides.

So what do you need?

  1. Domain Registration: In order to start your site, you’ll need to register your website address. Most web hosts take care of this for you, or you can register your domain on your own through websites like
  2. Hosting: web hosting refers to a computer server that hosts or keeps your website files that has a reliable internet connection so your site is always online and view able for your customers. There are thousands of web hosts out there. We provide hosting right here at High Valley Media, but if you want to find it on your own, one of our favorite hosting companies is Blue Host.
  3. Website: Websites can be built with many different code languages and platforms. You can have a simple HTML/CSS website built, but these can be hard to maintain if you don’t know HTML or CSS. Today there are a lot of different platforms out there that act as a CMS (Content Management System) and making updates can be much easier. We find that many of our clients prefer to use a CMS and we can train you to make simple updates and post your own blog and new content. Of course we do website management as well.
  4. Content/Management: You’ll find that once your site is built, you’ll need to update and change it. To rank higher in google searches, new content is important, and blogs are taking the internet by storm to showcase new content – whether it be a new project your company just finished, or an information/resource editorial like this one that you are reading. Quality content is very important to your customers, and being able to present new content may be vital to your business.
  5. Social Media Integration: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. is the new TV. I say that because we’re seeing our attention pushed to our mobile devices whenever we have a break from anything, even during commercials on TV. Having a social media presence is important for your business to stay relevant, reach new customers, and create word of mouth advertising for your business. Integrating your website so your customers can follow you on social media is very important. Be sure to make it easy for them to follow you and keep up with the latest projects or products.

It’s really not too hard to get websites set up and running and we can do it in just a few days, depending on the scale of the project. If you’re looking to get your website set up and running, let us know. We seriously can provide help at any budget, from pointing you in the right direction, to consulting during your website production process, to building and managing your website and social media campaigns. Let us know how we can help you get your first website up and running!